Our Form 2 Teachers

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The following are our Form 2 Teachers:

Cikgu Jay

Bahasa Melayu

Sempena sambutan hari guru peringkat kebangsaan yang telah berlangsung di Penang, Encik Mohamad Jalil Mohamad Yunus yang lebih dikenali sebagai Cikgu Jay, telah dinobatkan sebagai pemenang ‘Most Influential Advocate’ dalam sebuah pertandingan anjuran FrogAsia. 

  • Anugerah Pendidik Kreatif anjuran Berita Harian 2017
  • Pingat emas pertandingan Inovasi PIK dalam PDPC BM 2019
  • Anugerah Guru Ikon Daerah Hulu Langat
  • Anugerah Guru Inovatif Negeri Selangor
  • Penceramah tersohor subjek BM untuk sekolah-sekolah Malaysia
  • Lebih daripada 6.4 ribu pelanggan di saluran YouTube.

Cikgu Jarod Yong


Fondly known as “The Jungle Teacher” for my work at a secondary school in the jungles of Borneo, I’m currently teaching English at the Sarawak State Sports School. I specialize in working with students to ace their SPM 1119 English. Nonetheless, I also produce YouTube videos/interviews, speak at international conferences, as well as conduct workshops for both teachers & students. With degrees from Columbia University and Victoria University of Wellington, I’ve also taught English at various institutions in New York City, including Columbia University, City University of New York, Fordham University, NYLC, ALCC & AMPHS. Additionally, I am an alumnus of the following fellowships: Fulbright, TEDx, YSEALI, & Haggai. In case you’re wondering about my English proficiency, my TOEFL score was 119/120 and the MOE has placed me at C2 of CEFR. Do you know many teachers who can prove their language abilities? Having resided around the world, I have seen Malaysians outshine their peers time & time again. I’m back in my tanah air to address this fundamental question: Why can’t we have more of this for more students in Malaysia? During this first month of MyTuition.live, I’ll share my most valued writing lessons for free. Even if you missed the live lessons, I will share the highlight videos. Make the best of them. I’m counting on you to lead Malaysia into the 21st century. Finally, I love tempoyak, laksa, football & motorbikes. Feel free to tag me on social media & I look forward to seeing you in class! Bless you & thank you for taking the time to read this! Stay safe!

Cikgu Wong


Has a Diploma in Leadership and Management by Harvard University.Cikgu Wong has scored 99 marks in his SPM trial exams for Maths SPM, scoring A in both his SPM Maths and Add Maths papers. He is the best student of the Maths subject during his secondary school days. He was also the recipient of the “Most Improved Student” award.

He failed his Maths in Form 2, but a chance meeting with a great Maths tutor turned his life around. Under the guidance of his tutor, he invested tremendous effort and learnt the correct techniques to improve from G to A in less than a year. This gave him the realisation that a good tutor plays an important role in teaching.

Upon this, Cikgu Wong has decided to help more students to score A using his special method of teaching and will constantly share his inspiring story of improvement to students to motivate his student to become better versions of themselves.

  • Ivy League Diploma Graduate
  • From G to A Maths Student
  • Most Improved Student Award

Cikgu Heery


5 Points Worth Sharing about the Heery:

  • An avid edu-blogger & seminar speaker.
  • More than 15 years of experience teaching pure Science subjects – Biology, Chemistry, Physics (PT3, SPM, IGCSE, O-Level)
  • Holder of Master of Education (OUM) & currently a prospective PhD candidate
  • Applies extremely effective Singapore/HK-style tutoring of essentialist pedagogy
  • Visit cikguheery.blogspot.com for more credentials

Cekgu Norazimah

Asas Sains Komputer

Cekgu Norazimah atau lebih dikenali dengan panggilan CN di media sosial merupakan seorang cikgu sepenuh masa. Selain cikgu, beliau juga seorang blogger di http://www.cekgunorazimah.com dengan lebih 10 juta pelawat dan media social influencer dengan nama @cekgunorazimah.

Berpengalaman mengajar subjek Sains Komputer & ICT lebih 10 tahun. Cekgu Norazimah sentiasa meingatkan kepada pelajarnya bahawa Sains Komputer bukan sahaja untuk belajar, tetapi juga untuk kehidupan. 

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