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Large SPM English Group with Jarod Yong (11+ Students)



Are you in Form 4 or Form 5? Do you want to know how to study smart for an A+ in SPM 1119 English? Do you want to improve your reading & writing? Do you know how to answer the 1119 paper like an A+ student? This class is designed to help you with all that.

Those of you who play sports or games, how do you improve your game-play? You go to YouTube & you watch the pros do it in multiple situations, right? I’m sure you have a favorite sportsperson or player that you follow & imitate. Those of you who like cooking or gardening are probably doing the same thing. At the very least, I’m sure you’ve looked up how to cut your own hair during the MCO. Am I right? See, you know that you need to watch & learn from the pros.

Similarly, there are certain techniques to answering the 1119 English SPM papers that will give you a SMART advantage. Over many years of preparing students & marking language exams, I have become a pro at taking these tests–proven by my 119/120 score on my first try at TOEFL & C2 (highest grade) on my first attempt at the Cambridge Proficiency Test. Do you know many teachers who can PROVE their language abilities? You’ll find plenty of free videos TELLing you how to score, but none of them SHOW you how. I will do BOTH in my classes and MORE.

I am here to build future leaders of Malaysia. Do not depend on my generation to bring the changes you want to see in the world. YOU have to be the change you want to see & you cannot do it without a solid foundation in education. With current & future technological advances, I foresee that you’ll create the job you want & get rich doing what you love. But, you can’t do it without English. Come & join my class so you can open doors to greater & broader possibilities!

What To Expect:

  1. a teacher who encourages you to be the best version of yourself & wants you to succeed
  2. how to answer the SPM 1119 English papers like an A+ student
  3. exposure to spotted / model SPM questions
  4. shortcuts to the SPM Literature Component
  5. secrets of scoring in SPM
  6. secrets of successful scholarship or university applications
  7. improve leadership skills with podcast listening assignments
  8. detailed & specific written feedback on your writing
Sample of graded essay
sample of a graded essay

You Will Need:

  1. a computer to make writing & switching between apps or websites easier
  2. earphones/headphones to avoid those painfully piercing echoes
  3. to finish your assignments PRIOR to class
  4. curiosity, creativity & humor, obviously!

Reference Materials Used:

Scanned copies of required materials are provided. However, some students prefer to work on physical copies of books rather than on computers. I’ll leave this choice to you.

  1. Pintar Bestari SPM English 1119 Form 5 by Sasbadi
  2. The Art of Charm podcast

More about Jarod Yong:

MyTuition Profile & Social Media: https://mytuition.live/classes/english-with-jarod-yong/