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Small SPM English Team with Jarod Yong (4 to 10 Students) (October-Dec)



Did you used to excel in English when you were younger? Have you currently hit a plateau in your progress & can’t seem to advance on your own? Is the highest you can get a B or C? You’ve tried your best but you have no idea how to achieve an A? Then, this class is exactly what you need.

Similar to pro athletes, students at your level need a coach to keep an expert eye on what you’re doing & pinpoint the little tweaks & changes that you can make in your technique for significant improvements in your results. I have helped many students illuminate their blind-spots & replace troublesome habits which were dragging them under. I will also be tracking your progress & ensuring that you have a wholesome information diet that will help you excel not only in SPM 1119, but also in life.

I will work with you on your individual goals for both the 1119 English SPM paper & especially the things you care the most about in your heart. I am here to build future leaders of Malaysia. Come & join the A+ SPM Team!

What To Expect:

  1. a teacher who encourages you to be the best version of yourself & wants you to achieve your goals
  2. how to answer the SPM 1119 English papers like an A+ student
  3. lots of practice on spotted / model SPM questions
  4. shortcuts to the SPM Literature Component
  5. secrets of scoring in SPM
  6. secrets of successful scholarship or university applications
  7. improve leadership & social skills with podcast listening assignments
  8. level up from a B/C writer to an A writer with weekly writing assignments
  9. detailed & specific written feedback on your writing + voice-recorded explanation
  10. leadership & character development via relevant extended reading of renowned authors like Simon Sinek, Dale Carnegie & Stephen Covey
  11. mentoring & coaching from a driven & internationally recognized educator
Sample of graded essay
sample of a graded essay

You Will Need:

  1. a computer to make writing & switching between apps or websites easier
  2. you may also write on paper & submit a clear photograph of your writing
  3. earphones/headphones to avoid those painfully piercing echoes
  4. to finish your assignments PRIOR to class
  5. curiosity, creativity & humor, obviously!

Reference Materials Used:

Scanned copies of required materials are provided. However, some students prefer to work on physical copies of books rather than on computers. I’ll leave this choice to you.

  1. Start With Why by Simon Sinek
  2. Pintar Bestari SPM English 1119 Form 5 by Sasbadi
  3. The Art of Charm podcast

More about Jarod Yong:

MyTuition Profile & Social Media: https://mytuition.live/classes/english-with-jarod-yong/