SPM Biology with Dr. Jay (Group 11 & more)



Have you ever heard people say “Bio is difficult”, “Bio has many facts to memorize”, “Bio is boring”?
well, if they have been to Dr. Jay’s classes, they won’t.

If you try to memorize Biology, you will forget it one day. But if you understand it, it will be hard-wired into your memories forever!
That is the concept that Dr. Jay believes in for his classes.
Biology will not only be easy, but it will also be fun and made crystal clear to you.

With lots of exercises on objective, structure and essay questions at the end of every class, you will be trained in all aspects required by SPM.
You will be doing many experiments and dissections. YES! Dissections! All done in class to show you the wonderful world of Biology.
As a practising Medical Doctor who is trained in all aspects of human biology with Anatomy and Physiology, Dr. Jay will guide you through this beautiful world of Biology.

As a student in the University’s Dean’s list, Dr, Jay aims to guide you to success just as he has for the thousands of students before you.
This will not be “just another Bio class. Register for a trial class and experience the difference yourself.
With 15 years of teaching experience and conducting hundreds of large-scale seminars throughout the nation, you are in the right company when it comes to Biology.

Ensure your success in the world of Biology with Dr. Jay. See you soon!