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SPM Biology with Dr. Junaidi Shukri



Hi, I’m Cikgu Junaidi
I’m a researcher and a scientist from University Malaya. My PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry

I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching Science, Biology and Chemistry.

Currently, I’m assisting final year students of University Malaya for their thesis project.

Since my expertise in carrying out experiments and researches especially Biology and Chemistry, I could very well help students to understand subjects with a valid understanding.

My method of teaching is storytelling. I will encourage students to apply every concept of science in their daily life so that they can score the subjects without much struggle.

What’s the benefit of joining my class?
1. Remember that…I’m a scientist and a researcher who understands science practically.

2. Even though the class is unlimited, I will do a one-on-one assessment to tackle your problem and weakness

3. I will provide enough learning tools and materials

4. I will guide you to choose which university and what field to further your study depends on your interest.

Let’s enrol my class.
I bet it’s going to be super interesting and fun!