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SPM Chemistry with Cikgu Yasmin (Group 11 & more)



Cikgu Yasmin is the 1st teacher in Malaysia and South East Asia to be nominated as one of the Top 50 Finalist for the Global Teacher Prize back in 2015. A multiple award-winning teacher, she also clinched few more awards since 2015 as follows: Icon Teacher of the Year for the State of Selangor 2015, Icon Teacher of the Year for PPD Petaling Utama 2016 and STEM Icon teacher of the year for the state of Selangor 2018. She is a GURU CEMERLANG for Chemistry and is a sought-after speaker for Chemistry in the country. She is currently involved in producing Chemistry based show – DRIP DROP CHEMISTRY with her team of excellent chemistry teachers on the TV Pendidikan / TV Okey. For all of her hardwork and diligence in the field of education: she was awarded with an award from MBPJ-United Nations representing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 4) – Providing quality educations.

What to expect from her classes?
As a former Analytical Engineer turned Chemistry teacher, she truly understands the need to score in Chemistry as well the hardship faced by students. She offers wonderful and easy to go by learning techniques as well as the dos and don’ts in Chemistry. Her methods are ONLY available in her class as it is specially designed by her to suit the current students.

As for aspiring engineers / future chemist – talk to her. You will be amazed at her vast knowledge and stories.