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SPM Chemistry with Puan Yasmin (Group 11 & more)



ffffffffsdfsdfCikgu Yasmin is the 1st teacher in Malaysia and South East Asia to be nominated as one of the Top 50 Finalist for the Global Teacher Prize back in 2015. A multi-award winner, Cikgu Yasmin possesses some of the most magnificent awards available. Some of them are:

 Icon Teacher of the Year for the State of Selangor 2015
 Icon Teacher of the Year for PPD Petaling Utama 2016
 STEM Icon teacher of the year for the state of Selangor 2018.

She has been awarded the title Guru Cemerlang for her amazing work in classes and for the country. This sought-after speaker for Chemistry

She is a GURU CEMERLANG for Chemistry and is a sought-after speaker for Chemistry in the country. Cikgu Yasmin has also collaborated with the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) in training chemistry & science teachers around the country. She is also currently producing her very own Chemistry based TV show called “Drip Drop Chemistry”. Relatively, this committed teacher is dedicated to serving her students. She has also been elected by the local municipal council (MBPJ) to represent the Sustainable Development Goal Number 4 (SDG4) for providing quality education. This award is a collaboration between the local municipal council and the United Nations.

What to expect from her classes?
An engaging and fun interaction amongst her students. Cikgu Yasmin is well-versed in communicating with her students. She can develop students into the person they are meant to be. Her methods are specialized to fit every kind of learner no matter how stubborn. Her learning techniques make it easy for students to understand even the most boring topics.

As a former Analytical Engineer, Cikgu Yasmin truly understands the meaning of chemistry inside and out.