Cikgu Fauziah Sirat



Fauziah, who has taught Chemistry for 18 years has a persona as a science storyteller. She incorporates storytelling into her lessons to make them interesting and memorable. “There are two things that science needs to do: The first is we need to talk about why, and the second is that we need to tell a story.” – Atif Kukaswadia, TEDxspeaker. This is the good news! Fauziah has both! She will remove your “Chemphobia” and make you love Chemistry! Not only you going to love Chemistry; but also to master and conquer the subject!

  • Pengalaman mengajar lebih daripada 19 tahun

  • Pemenang Anugerah Inspirasi Tutor Profesional Malaysia 2020

  • Dikenali sebagai “Science Storyteller”

  • Jurulatih Bertauliah “Accelerated Learning”


Form 1 - 3

Form 3 - 5