Has a Diploma in Leadership and Management by Harvard University.

Cikgu Wong has scored 99 marks in his SPM trial exams for Maths SPM, scoring A in both his SPM Maths and Add Maths papers. He is the best student of the Maths subject during his secondary school days. He was also the recipient of the “Most Improved Student” award.

He failed his Maths in Form 2, but a chance meeting with a great Maths tutor turned his life around. Under the guidance of his tutor, he invested tremendous effort and learnt the correct techniques to improve from G to A in less than a year. This gave him the realisation that a good tutor plays an important role in teaching.

Upon this, Cikgu Wong has decided to help more students to score A using his special method of teaching and will constantly share his inspiring story of improvement to students to motivate his student to become better versions of themselves.

  • Ivy League Diploma Graduate

  • From G to A Maths Student

  • Most Improved Student Award


Form 1 - 2