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Jarod Yong


Jarod Yong is a teacher, speaker, blogger, & youtuber who is currently teaching English at the Sarawak State Sports School & tutoring online at MyTuition.live. Having taught in both Malaysia & the US, he has witnessed young Malaysians outshining their peers abroad, & he’s back to nurture more students into international talents. He holds an M.A. in TESOL from Columbia University & a B.Ed. in TESL from Victoria University of Wellington. Finally, he loves tempoyak, laksa, football & motorbikes. Say hi on social media @jarodyjk or at JarodYong.com.

Fondly known as “The Jungle Teacher” for my work at a secondary school in the jungles of Borneo, I’m currently teaching English at the Sarawak State Sports School. I specialize in working with students to ace their SPM 1119 English. Nonetheless, I also produce YouTube videos/interviews, speak at international conferences, as well as conduct workshops for both teachers & students. With degrees from Columbia University and Victoria University of Wellington, I’ve also taught English at various institutions in New York City, including Columbia UniversityCity University of New YorkFordham UniversityNYLCALCC & AMPHS. Additionally, I am an alumnus of the following fellowships: FulbrightTEDxYSEALI, & Haggai. In case you’re wondering about my English proficiency, my TOEFL score was 119/120 and the MOE has placed me at C2 of CEFR. Do you know many teachers who can prove their language abilities? Having resided around the world, I have seen Malaysians outshine their peers time & time again. I’m back in my tanah air to address this fundamental question: Why can’t we have more of this for more students in Malaysia? During this first month of MyTuition.live, I’ll share my most valued writing lessons for free. Even if you missed the live lessons, I will share the highlight videos. Make the best of them. I’m counting on you to lead Malaysia into the 21st century. Finally, I love tempoyak, laksa, football & motorbikes. Feel free to tag me on social media & I look forward to seeing you in class! Bless you & thank you for taking the time to read this! Stay safe!